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The Acqua Brevetti MiniDUE ½″ Liquid Water Softener is a compact volumetric proportional mechanical dosing pump water softening system designed to fit onto ½″’ pipes. The system simply fits onto the rising main copper pipe or any pipe supplying a particular device, such as a boiler. The MineDUE is a great alternative for a water softener due to it being very easy to install and to maintenance and replacing the pouches is very simple too. The system takes up very little space compared to a traditional softener as well.



Details of Acqua Brevetti MiniDUE and How Does MiniDUE Work

MiniDUE is a self-priming mechanical volumetric pump that is operated by a turbine which in turn transmits the movement to a special cam shaft that enables the liquid to rise from the refil pouch to the injection valve, where it is injected a small amount of AcquaSIL 2/15®  Liquid into the water as it passes through the pipe. The liquid comes in pouches (sold in 250gram and 1000gram variants) that clip onto the system, which makes changing them very easy. The system comes with a remote installation kit, a 250gram refill, an installation manual and a warranty form.

MiniDUE is available as standard with ½″ Male connections.and can be installed on a horizontal or vertical pipe by simply adjusting the orientation of the connection block. For whole house protection you can use our larger refill pouch of 1000gram which provides up to 44 cubic meters of dosage (44,000 litres) from a single pouch.

Because MiniDUE uses a liquid solution we guarantee a sludge free operation. MiniDUE is fully compliant with European Approval EU 98/83/CE for use with drinking soft water. and is approved by the Italian water quality approval board under DM, no. 174, 06.04.04. The Use of AcquaSIL and specifically the use of Polyphosphates is covered by the standard UNI 8065, part 5.4.1 which indicates the use of polyphosphates for the treatment of scale deposits and corrosion.

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